Terms and Conditions

Why to buy on Osclass Point?

  • Fast updates
  • Guaranteed 3 months support
  • Best price
  • 30 days security window


Osclass Point Marketplace is website offering graphic themes, designs, plugins and modules for free open-source script osclass that helps easily to create classifieds. Developers - contributors can sell their product on Osclass Point without need to setup own marketplace or store.

Osclass Point is owner of MB Themes products only and provides support for these products only, however each developer is required to provide appropriate support to customers. Ignorance in providing support will lead to termination of contract with such seller and it's products.

Osclass Point pay tax 20% for each order in Slovakia, European Union.



Osclass Point does not allow to contact sellers and contributors directly via instant messages, online chat, email or other system. In case there is pre-sale question, please submit those into pre-sale questions section of product, author of product will be notified and answer your question within 3 business days. Mail addreses and web links will be automatically removed.

To ensure each customer buy product that is described in product sheet, it is required to provide demo access for both - themes and plugins. In this case is possible to fully test functions, features and design of product and identify shortcomings that could lead into not buying such product.

Each product is available for download immediately after payment is completed.



When order is paid, following actions will be available for customer:

  1. Create ticket
    Tickets are primary channel for providing support to product. Communication should be kept in this channel so Osclass Point team is able to verify problems or inappropriate behaviour of seller. Alternative way to get support is to use support forums that allows sellers to share existing solutions for different questions and problems.
  2. Download product
    Download link is available on product page, in user account and it's send to customer's email as well. Latest validated version of product is available for download only. Osclass Point team validates each product to ensure quality meet requirements of our market.
  3. Leave feedback/review
    Each customer is that bought product is eligible to leave review/rating or feedback on bought product. In this section no questions should be placed and review should be related to product and support itself, otherwise it may not be validated by Osclass Point team. Any type of feedback is welcome, it's benefit for customers and sellers as well, no matter if it is possitive or negative.



Each product bought on Osclass Point Marketplace must be covered by support provided by author of product. 

  • Customer must describe problem as much as possible, provide links and describe how to reproduce issue, send screenshots and details of osclass installation and product version
  • Author should reply each support inquiry in 3 business days (except special situations - vacation, sickleave, ...). If there is problem getting reply from author, contact Osclass Point team.
  • Support is provided to product itself only. Questions on osclass itself may not be answered by product author and should not be considered when leaving review on product. Product authors are not eligible to help with questions not related to their product.
  • Support does not cover custom development, product author may not reply to questions regarding custom development. For development contact osclass point team and we may help you to find appropriated developer. Notice that price for custom development may be much higher than price for product itself.
  • Author may provide support trough support forums primarily, please accept request to submit issue to support forums. Forums is great way to provide support, it easily allow to share existing solutions to different problems and shows transparency and good will of author. When support forums is available on product, author is eligible to answer questions here as well. Forums does not mean that customer will wait on answer from community, but from product author.
  • Author may reject providing support in case customer is not eligible to prove purchase/order for this product.


Customer must behave politely and fairly. Insults, harash, spam or threats to authors or Osclass Point support team may lead into termination of the support and updates provided to product and blocking customer's account without claim for compensation. Be fair, be human.

Support and updates are free services provided as extra value to each product. Support to customer can be terminated at any time, if serious circumstances on customer side are found (reselling or sharing of licensed products, spam, harashement, insults os staff, other sellers or customers). In these situations OsclassPoint reserve right to terminate support and updates to customer with no right for refund.



All products on Osclass Point Marketplace are intangible - virtual, it means they cannot be send back like tangible product. Once product is available for download to customer, it is impossible to prove it was removed and it is not used anymore. Common practice use to be ask for refund immediatelly after payment claiming product does not fit customer needs. For this situation there is demo access available for all products so customer can test all functionality and features before purchase. 

Refund is possible only up to 30 days after purchase and following conditions must be met:

  • product is not functional or cannot be installed on compatible osclass versions and;
  • customer has provided all required information to help fix and investigate problem and;
  • original version (no custom modifications) of product has been used and;
  • customer's osclass is running on acceptable hosting (no localhost; no low cost and free providers) and;
  • product author is able to reproduce issue on your and different installation of osclass as well (problem is not caused by osclass installation) and;
  • no reply, solution or move in solving of the problem from author in last 7 days or author does not cooperate on solving of the problem

If these conditions are not met or there is suspicion of Osclass Point team on fraud, customer's account will be immediatelly blocked without claim for compensation.



Osclass Point basic rules

Purchase of product means that customer is eligible to install product on 1 live osclass website at same time, with no limitations on subdomains. In case there is need to use product on multiple websites, it is required to buy it multiple times. Product author can reject support in case customer is not able to provide proof of purchase/order. Each product is delivered in English only, if not mentioned differently on product page, however product is available for translations into any language using PO file (docs).

Customer cannot:

  • share, publish, redistribute or resell products
  • use any part code from product without author approval
  • copy design or functionality of products and use it as own

Breaking these rules may lead to blocking customer's account without claim for compensation, updates and support. Please do not dishonor work of authors.


These conditions are accepted without reservation by each customer and seller on Osclass Point Marketplace.